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    • Night Glowing Dark Glow Hand Spinner Gyro Tri Fidget Toy For Kids/Adults - White
    • Night Glowing Dark Glow Hand Spinner Gyro Tri Fidget Toy For Kids/Adults - White
    • Night Glowing Dark Glow Hand Spinner Gyro Tri Fidget Toy For Kids/Adults - White
    • Night Glowing Dark Glow Hand Spinner Gyro Tri Fidget Toy For Kids/Adults - White
    • Night Glowing Dark Glow Hand Spinner Gyro Tri Fidget Toy For Kids/Adults - White
    • Night Glowing Dark Glow Hand Spinner Gyro Tri Fidget Toy For Kids/Adults - White
    • Night Glowing Dark Glow Hand Spinner Gyro Tri Fidget Toy For Kids/Adults - White
    • Night Glowing Dark Glow Hand Spinner Gyro Tri Fidget Toy For Kids/Adults - White

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    Night Glowing Dark Glow Hand Spinner Gyro Tri Fidget Toy For Kids/Adults - White

    Reviews | Ask a question | Item Code : TOY-29999
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      Night Glowing Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - White. Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice.

      1.High quality material, exquisite design
      2.Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun
      3.A fun and easy way to relieve stress and increase focus
      4.Good for people with ADD / ADHD or autism, and people trying to quit bad habit

      1.Material: Plastic
      2.Product size: 8*8*1.4cm
      3.Package size: 8.5*8.5*1.2cm
      4.Weight: 72g
      5.Color: White when not glowing
      6.Package: Retail package (Picture for reference only)

      Package Included:
      1 x Fidget Hand Spinner Toy
      1 x Retail Packaging Box

      Night Glowing Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - White

      Customer Reviews

      Overall Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 35 reviews.
      Share your thoughts Write a Review
         5/ 5 stars   Night light tri-spinner.. Post on May 13, 2017
        I bought some fidget spinners here in England but isnt up to the standard
        These night spinners are very strong and luminous at night
         5/ 5 stars   Fast shipping!!!. Post on May 10, 2017
        Ordered on Friday, delivery due Monday, but actually arrived on Sat from Manchester!
         5/ 5 stars   Good gift for kids.. Post on May 9, 2017
        Fidget spinner very light, no obvious flaws.
        At the beginning that no luminous, but listen to the seller's advice, placed it under the light a few minutes, then I found luminous light is very bright, children like to play.
         5/ 5 stars   Attractive light spinner.. Post on May 6, 2017
        Smooth and light spinner. Relieves stress and anxiety for me.
        A shame they don't allow them in class. Schools shouldnt have banned these. They are so good to fidget with and dont annoy teachers because they dont make a repetative sound like clicking your pen.

        Fidget spinner acceptable price.
         4/ 5 stars   Package box is not original!. Post on May 1, 2017
        Light up spinner good product!
        But did not arrive in original packaging.
         5/ 5 stars   Help me to concentrate. Post on April 30, 2017
        Great little light up spinner helps me concentrate, keeping mind from wandering it has helped me out a bit.
        Would definitely recommend friends to buy the night spinner.
         4/ 5 stars   Useless for us now.. Post on April 28, 2017
        My 9 year old daughter loves this light up spinner, but the spinner have been banned at school. So it is useless for us now.
         3/ 5 stars   Slow delivery!. Post on April 27, 2017
        We have a few fidget spinners. Some from reputable toy shops in the UK and this one. It took a long time to arrive.
         4/ 5 stars   Not excellent.. Post on April 26, 2017
        Excellent but a little loud. Can't be used in working area, otherwise, being hated by everyone else
         5/ 5 stars   High quality. Post on April 25, 2017
        This hand spinner can spin twice longer than my another finger spinner. Does worth the price!!
         4/ 5 stars   Slowly delivery.. Post on April 23, 2017
        Impressive. Really strong glow when dark.
        Did take 3 weeks to arrive that is unexpected.
         5/ 5 stars   Good service.. Post on April 22, 2017
        The light up spinners had come with some scratches and the seller itself contact me after he saw the problem. He explained what happened and did everything to help me. Very polite helpful and above all very professional.
         5/ 5 stars   Cool night spinner!. Post on April 21, 2017
        The spinner very cool because of the luminous effect.
        And light up spinner can spin about 3 minutes. So I think it's nice.
         4/ 5 stars   Not so good. Post on April 21, 2017
        Only thing I am disappointed in is not being able to renew the lights day and night!
         4/ 5 stars   Nice purchase!. Post on April 16, 2017
        Nice packaging for such price. Off balance spinning slows it down and making a lot of noise.
        Overall very good product especially for the price.
         4/ 5 stars   great quality.. Post on April 15, 2017
        Just received today after 2 weeks wait, although the packing box is a little dirty. Overall, the night hand spinner is ok.
         5/ 5 stars   Sturdy night spinners.. Post on April 15, 2017
        I was impressed with this spinner as it outspins the others in my household by a good margin (probably about 90-120 secs). However, the spinners was noisy so I decided to put a drop of machine oil on the bearing and I've knackered it.
         5/ 5 stars   Worth the money.. Post on April 13, 2017
        Came a lot earlier than it should be.
        Worth the money better than some I've got from kids school shop.
         4/ 5 stars   Cheaper!. Post on April 9, 2017
        A good fidget spinner overall, although it is quite cheap packaging.
        Only problem is that the plastic fidget spinners actually broke for its cheap price.
         3/ 5 stars   Not satisfied!!!. Post on April 3, 2017
        The light up hand spinner bearing is a bit wobbly.
        Slow delivery times, not happy.
         4/ 5 stars   Pretty well.. Post on April 1, 2017
        The light spinner toy is very smooth while spinning, the night colours are great. But makes a lot of noise when it is spinning.
         5/ 5 stars   Cheaper than shops!. Post on March 30, 2017
        My middle school shops are selling similar light up spinner for 8, so I'm more than happy with the price.
         4/ 5 stars   Cheap spinner.. Post on March 29, 2017
        Great for people to look for a cheap spinner with good quality.
        The only thing I wish could be better is the delivery time (2-3 weeks).
        But other than is an amazing spinner!
         3/ 5 stars   Quality is not so good.. Post on March 28, 2017
        Relatively good quality, spins for about 2 minute at decent speed before slowing. Friends that also have one from other sellers feel better however and spin for longer at a more consistent speed.
         4/ 5 stars   Good price but wait 2 weeks!. Post on March 28, 2017
        No issues with the actual glow fidget spinners - well made and as expected. Great price too.
        However, they took 2 weeks to arrive. I had to buy one from the shops. P&P was free though, so can't really complain.
         4/ 5 stars   Not too bright.. Post on March 21, 2017
        This spinner came really quickly
        But when I play the light up spinner at night, it shines in the dark but not too bright.
         4/ 5 stars   As advertised!. Post on March 1, 2017
        I was very impressed with this light up spinner. Nice weight to it, spins for a good while.
         5/ 5 stars   Love it!. Post on February 16, 2017
        1.Good for the price. Purchased for my son and he loves it.
        2.The light up spinner is silent, smooth and spins for quiet a while.
         5/ 5 stars   As it says!. Post on February 16, 2017
        Bought for my 10 year old daughter but my 16 year old nephew was so in to it, so I had to give him one. Works well
         5/ 5 stars   high quality.. Post on February 12, 2017
        Spins well and works fine. Got mine to spin for 3 minutes. Pretty quality for the cheap cost.
         5/ 5 stars   cheap price. Post on February 9, 2017
        For the cheap price its a good product, spins for about 2:45.
         4/ 5 stars   a little broken.. Post on February 6, 2017
        This fidget spinner can spin over 2 minutes and feels great when spinning.
        However the metal was broken a bit on the 3 outside bearings when it came by delivery.
         5/ 5 stars   Fast delivery, high quality.. Post on February 2, 2017
        Arrived quickly. Much better than previous light up spinners purchased from other sellers.
        It's been dropped several times and still spinning, so great quality.
         5/ 5 stars   Fast delivery!. Post on January 16, 2017
        Was not expecting too much because of the price. But I was really surprised at the quality of this glow hand spinner. The bearings were really smooth and it does spin for ages. I take it to work with me and it helps pass the time whenever I get bored. Most of spinner come from China but this one came from UK and arrived really quick.
         5/ 5 stars   Nothing bad to say.. Post on December 25, 2016
        The light up spinner for any age and can be enjoyed by anyone. Surely help my fidgeting needs. I have no bad things to say about it.

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