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    • Introduction of The Membership System
    • We want to offer you the most aggressive cash back rewards to save you more!
    • And you can check out even more perks under the product details page.

    Benefits of becoming an Aulola member

    • Enjoy member discounts, and the higher your membership level the bigger your savings.

    • Build a long cooperation relationship, enjoy more benefits

    How to level up?

    • 1. Register to become a member of Aulola
    • 2. Reach to the required cumulative amount in 1 year
    • 3. Website activities, winnable points subject to the activity

    Privileges of Aulola Customers

    Membership Level Discount Cumulative Amount(1 year)
    Aulola Member 2% 200GBP(Long Term)
    Sliver 3% 20000GBP
    Gold 4% 50000GBP
    Diamond 5% 80000GBP
    Ultima 6% 100000GBP

    Tracking Number