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    • Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - Pink
    • Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - Pink
    • Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - Pink
    • Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - Pink
    • Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - Pink
    • Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - Pink

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    Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - Pink

    Reviews | Ask a question | Item Code : TOY-27911
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      Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner EDC Finger Spin Toy for ADHD Autism - Pink. Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice.

      1.High quality material, exquisite design
      2.Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun
      3.A fun and easy way to relieve stress and increase focus
      4.Good for people with ADD / ADHD or autism, and people trying to quit bad habit

      1.Material: Plastic
      2.Product size: 8*8*1.4cm
      3.Package size: 8.5*8.5*1.5cm
      4.Weight: 65g
      5.Color: Pink
      6.Package: Retail package (Picture for reference only)

      Package Included:
      1 x Fidget Hand Spinner Toy

      Customer Reviews

      Overall Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 40 reviews.
      Share your thoughts Write a Review
         5/ 5 stars   Okay for the price, but not brilliant.. Post on May 15, 2017
        1.Nice smooth action tri spinner, which is pretty quiet when it spins. I can not put it down!
        2.One of the outer spinner circles snapped the very first time I dropped it, causing the bearings to fall out. I've had to superglue it back together.
        3.All in all, it is not bad for the price. But I think I might invest a bit more money in my next one
         5/ 5 stars   As advertised.. Post on May 10, 2017
        This one was fine. Others I bought have broken. Tri spinner does work like the one showed in the picture.
         5/ 5 stars   So considerate!. Post on May 6, 2017
        The company sent me a email asking how we liked the tri-spinner yesterday. So considerate, although some paint stain flaw, it worth five stars because of good service!
         5/ 5 stars   Long-time delivery!. Post on May 3, 2017
        Delivery took longer than expected, Tri spinner toy is great for the price....Nice, clean and a smooth spin.
         5/ 5 stars   Worth it!. Post on May 1, 2017
        Did come with the case as advertised, although my son had to wait almost three weeks. The tri spinner is worth it.
         5/ 5 stars   Very quiet!. Post on April 30, 2017
        Bought for my 13 year old son. He's a fidgeter and hoped it would help him focus while in class. The tri spinner is very well made and quiet. He enjoys messing with it, carries hand spinner with him everywhere.
         4/ 5 stars   Slow ship. Post on April 30, 2017
        Tri spinners is exactly what I want, but slow ship.
         5/ 5 stars   Great gift for friends!. Post on April 25, 2017
        I bought a bunch of tri spinners as the gift for my friends, they said it works well, but a little annoying. Overall, they love it.
         5/ 5 stars   Nice package.. Post on April 24, 2017
        Hand spinners came in a nice packing box, a little expensive but worth the money.
         5/ 5 stars   It is a great little tri spinner. Post on April 23, 2017
        1.The customer service is great.
        2.I will say that the bearings after I cleaned them are crunchy and click a lot.
        3.Drop of singer oil makes it quiet down again with minimal clicks after words.
         4/ 5 stars   Not excellent!. Post on April 23, 2017
        The tri spinner does spin for as long as expected but makes a little noise than expected.
         5/ 5 stars   Recommend tri spinner!. Post on April 20, 2017
        This tri spinner is awesome! Helps me focus while at work with fidgeting. Would recommend to anyone looking into buying a fidget toy.
         4/ 5 stars   Not good as expected. Post on April 20, 2017
        Shipping was quick however the first day the spinners arrived, my son accidentally dropped it on the floor and now it has a crack through the pink plastic.
         5/ 5 stars   Good customer service.. Post on April 19, 2017
        Great customer service and actually reach out, connect to you if you ever need anything. These guys are awesome!
         5/ 5 stars   Fidget tri-spinner.. Post on April 10, 2017
        Bought the hand spinner for my grandson and a few days after he got it.
        However, school banned fidget toy. Does not look as though edc spinner does anything really.
         4/ 5 stars   Nice but no metal case!. Post on April 10, 2017
        I ordered this one, which was more expensive, because it had the nice little case. It arrived in a cardboard box with no metal case. It's still a good spinner, but I feel that I was mislead. Please change the description if you're not going to include the metal case.
         5/ 5 stars   Long-time spinning!. Post on April 8, 2017
        Very high quality spinner toy, spins for a long time and weighted properly.
         5/ 5 stars   Worth the money!. Post on April 6, 2017
        Got this tri spinners for my husband and he likes it.
         4/ 5 stars   Broken a bit!. Post on March 28, 2017
        Smooth hand fidgets. I recommend. The only bad thing is that it came broken in one of the sides.
         4/ 5 stars   A little different from advertised!. Post on March 26, 2017
        The spinners does spin about 2 minutes as what is advertised but not so silent when spinning as claimed to be.
         5/ 5 stars   Worked fine. Post on March 25, 2017
        I haven't timed how long it spins but it will keep going and going and going.
        And feels well made in your hands and really good bearing.
         5/ 5 stars   good quality pink hand spinner. Post on March 22, 2017
        1.Quick delivery in UK and well package.
        2.Good quality pink hand spinner, exactly as described.
        3.Very good service.
         5/ 5 stars   Interesting spinners.. Post on March 21, 2017
        Soothing and addicting, everyone in the family spins it from time to time.
         5/ 5 stars   Good hand spinner.. Post on March 11, 2017
        A little noisy though.
        I love this tri spinner. I'm glad to buy it helps my anxiety very well.
         5/ 5 stars   Fidget spinners are not too good.. Post on March 2, 2017
        Hand tri spinner is a great item but not that useful......They are good for the first couple of days then they get boring.
         5/ 5 stars   Spin smoothly.. Post on March 1, 2017
        I received my tri spinner package today, there are no hot spots anywhere. I have not cleaned the bearing and spins for 2 minutes easily (sometimes more!). Love it!
         5/ 5 stars   Refund, good service.. Post on February 27, 2017
        The hand spinners was cracked along the mold seam right out of the box. I connected the customer service to solve the problem, they agree to refunded. So, it is ok!
         5/ 5 stars   Sturdy spinners.. Post on February 21, 2017
        I received the tri spinners in a paper box today. It's sturdy and spins for a long time.
         5/ 5 stars   Very satisfied about your Finger Spinner Toys . Post on February 15, 2017
        Thanks for Aulola's good seivice and quick delivery. Already receive my order of 100pcs Finger Spinner Toys in this week, still good quality as before. Very satisfied. Thanks!
         5/ 5 stars   Quickly shipping!. Post on February 2, 2017
        It came very quickly after I ordered it. But a bit grubby when I got it. I cleaned it with a damp wipe and it seems to be fine, no permanent scaring.
         5/ 5 stars   Like it.. Post on February 2, 2017
        My son liked it. And it did come with the package box as described, taking about 2 weeks to arrive. Good product.
         4/ 5 stars   Pretty good stuff. Post on January 27, 2017
        When my Fidget spinner arrived it had a few cracks in it. But it didnt stop it from spinning well. The spinner spin smoothly with a slight wobble for about 2 minutes. The baring is high quality and is a good purchase for the price.
         5/ 5 stars   Great service!. Post on January 22, 2017
        What made me to buy this tri spinner is the customer service which. I enjoy the product and I still like it despite the little hiccup.
         5/ 5 stars   great tri spinner pink. Post on January 11, 2017
        This great tri spinner is very good for its price. The delivery was only about a few days. Recommend to anyone wanting to get a spinner.
         5/ 5 stars   Great Spinner.. Post on January 7, 2017
        Amazing tri spinner, very sturdy, and it looks very nice.
        My only suggestion would to have different styles of buttons for added grip.
         5/ 5 stars   Highly recommend this fidget spinner in UK. Post on December 13, 2016
        1.Quick delivery in UK and well package.
        2.Good quality spinner, item exactly as described.
        3.Very good service.
         5/ 5 stars   EDC spinner UK . Post on December 5, 2016
        This edc spinner is very popular in UK, I ordered 50pcs, really nice quality and funny.
         5/ 5 stars   Very good pink spinner, fidget away. Post on November 14, 2016
        This pink spinner is funny, spinning very fast, it is helpful to make fidget away.
         4/ 5 stars   HAND SPINNER PINK. Post on November 2, 2016
         5/ 5 stars   wholesale finger spinners. Post on September 15, 2016
        Thanks for Aulola's wholesale finger spinner, cheap price, fast shipping, well package, good quality!

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